We would like to welcome you to Vision Holding, a group of highly innovative companies that aims to improve the way we all live. 

Our mission is to combine rational business with ethics, resulting in products and solutions that are optimized to their role in the future. Sounds complex?  Well its not;  we just want to make sure that "the World is as it should be".  You can help us by working with us as a client, or for us as our team mate, either way Vision Holding group of companies is here for you.

We have kept this page simple, as we are generally not interested in raising any debt or equity at the Holding level, and you can learn about our subsidiaries from their respective links.  Please feel free to contact us if you have a constructive criticism to place.  Please also contact our team with your revolutionary ideas. We look forward to working with you.

Thank you, and enjoy,

vision holding team


Vision Finance is our first company and a backbone to many of the developments that later followed.  It deals with classic Investment Banking services, including M&A, capital raising and brokerage services.
Vision Finance focuses on Frontier Markets, and currently has offices in over 30 locations across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Emerging Europe.  It is also actively continues to expand.

Vision gnR has developed a unique model for exploration of  Natural Resources, including mining, petrolum, agricultural, and hydroelectricic power assets.
With over forty licenses for exploration and production it is quickly raising to become one of the key players in the field of commodities exploration, revolutionising the existing "colonial" approach to Natural Resources.
In addition to strong local links, Vision gnR promotes green technologies, and as the result it includes its own in-house research center that focuses on development of both environmentally friendly exploration techniques, and latest developments in biotechnology and renewable energy.

It is difficult to think about the future and not to include gaming.  Already one of the largest industries in the world, it is also a dynamicly growing one.  While many parents think of Games as the "ultimate evil" for their children, we look past the stereotypes, and see Gaming as a great opportunity not only to learn, but also to actually interact with other people via the internet.  At Vision Gaming we want to help the people to think that they are heros and superstars, transforming this belief and energy from the virtual world to the real one.  Imagine the possibilities!

Few areas are as futuristic as biotechnology, whether it is in agriculture or medicine.  Vision Biotech deals with research in various areas that we identified as potentially "world changing".  An example of this includes development of new types of hybrid rice, that can yield over 10 tonnes per hectare (normally 5 tonnes).  In addition Vision Biotech, together with Vision Healthcare also deals with distribution of various healthcare products.  On the agricultural products, Vision Biotech works in close coordination with Vision gnR.

Vision Healthcare is all about distribution of good quality and affordable healthcare products to Emerging Markets, including equipment, ambulances, and medical kits.
Vision Healthcare is actively developing new medical technologies, many of which are being developed in China and India, the emerging new powers in development of Healthcare solutions.
Vision Healthcare works in close alliance with Vision Finance in order to ensure that where possible financing is place, so that people can be provided with health service.

Vision Engineering focuses on development of latest technologies in the area of engineering.  We are pioneering the floating technologies, including designing of the first floating stadium that is aimed for Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup (discussions already taking place).
Our other developments include pioneering various renewable energy technologies, including that of tidal power, waves and sea currents, developments of latest metallurgical products, ensuring stronger steel grades, and technologies in the renewable sector.

Emerging Markets have significant construction needs, including infrastructure, housing, office and commercial buildings.  Vision Construction offers our clients state of the art ready to buy designs, whether it is for the buildings, airports or stadiums.  Our vision is that there is no point to recreate something if it was done well before.  By purchasing ready designed and constructed products, our clients are not only better placed to chose the one to their needs and liking, but are also able to obtain financing as the costs are much more predictable.  Sometimes it is better to start someting from new.

Vision Machinery specialises in distribution of various equipment into Emerging Markets.  This includes construction equipment, automobiles (including police vehicles, fire trucks, ambulances - with Vision Healthcare, and cars for the administration).  In addition Vision Machinery distributes various equipment for the power plants, refineries, processing plants and other manufacturing activities.  Finally it deals with large orders for IT and Telecom equipment.  For number of its products Vision Machinery cooperates with Vision Finance on arrangement of attractive financing.

The process of globalisation has made business and working relationships reachable at your fingertips.  English is the international language, education and training is increasingly harmonized accross the world.  Never before have Emerging Markets offered as attractive opportunities in terms of the pool of talent that is able to work, either in the developed countries or within their own environment. 
With this in mind, Vision Outsourcing focuses on customized projects that can be outsourced to the Emerging Markets (principally India and Philippines)..

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